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Our work
Our work

Super Melting Pot: creating a better conversation

At Super Melting Pot, we're bringing together different people from across health and beyond, seeing how the world looks from outside healthcare, and adding fresh perspectives to stale debates. Oh, and collectively working out what that means to our day jobs, which don't seem to be getting much easier.

What’s happening when?

Join us for a better conversation on 16-17 January 2020.

We’ll start at 12pm on Thursday 16 January with our largest ever Melting Pot Lunch, before dispersing across London to visit a diverse mix of organisations we most want to learn from. Expect museums, start-ups, industry, and a smattering of health too. Dinner will be used to share and make sense of what we’ve seen and heard.

Friday 17 January starts in groups over breakfast at different organisations all across the capital, before coming together to hear from people we most respect, and finished off by working together to forge a plan for how we can take back what we’ve gained to change what we do on Monday.

What are we going to talk about?

Our focus is on what we can learn from combining different insights inside and out of health. In doing so, we want to spark the largest number of new ideas and different connections ever seen at anything even vaguely masquerading as a health conference.

We’ll be structuring this around a set of topics hiding in plain sight – fundamental to helping us understand what we need to do in health and care, yet too often ignored.

These will include:

  • To outside onlookers, what in health and healthcare are we missing?
  • As we look in disbelief at surgery before aneasthetic, what will future generations think of us?
  • If we all agree that groupthink’s a problem what should we do about it?
  • Is the pursuit of joy for healthcare staff a pipe-dream or a nightmare?
  • What does all of this mean for what we do tomorrow?

Who’s it for?

If you’ve ever sat at the back of an auditorium gnawing your fingers in frustration at what’s not being said, or bored to tears by today’s talks sounding suspiciously the same as last year’s; if you’ve ever wanted the chance to leave an event having created something new, or with a completely new insight to apply to an old problem; if you want a space to be challenging and challenged alike, or to connect with people you didn’t even know existed; we’d love to have you there.

You’ll meet people like you: curious, committed to making a difference, not afraid of attending events run by an organisation with an unspellable name. But also people completely unlike you: different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. We don’t want everyone to agree.

Find out more and buy tickets.

Our work