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Wanted: Senior Consultant

Hello, we’re Kaleidoscope. We’re looking for someone to join our fast-growing team.

Specifically, we’re after a new Senior Consultant to lead projects across our areas of work. You will preferably be full-time, but we are open to part-time options.

Since we started, some things have changed. We’ve grown to 14 great people. We now have a webinar studio full of fake bricks so we can pretend we work in a trendy loft. Our previous prized office possession (a large Welsh dresser, custom-made in 1979) has been supplanted by a set of ridiculously heavy doors which used to hang in a pub in Peckham.

However, we’re still a social enterprise using our earnings to further our mission: to work with others to create a future which is connected, kind and joyful.

How, you ask? We advise health and care organisations on their strategy and networks. We work with clients across public, private and voluntary sectors.

We also play with ideas we like that help our mission, even if it costs. We run Melting Pot Lunches. We’ve awarded the world’s largest health science-fiction writing prize. We’ve even partnered with The Guardian to send brown paper envelopes full of cash to people who ask for them. We’re going to keep thinking up new ideas and seeing which work wonderfully, which flop fantastically, and which should never be touched by anyone, ever again.

This is where you come in. We’re looking for a person to join the Kaleidoscope team. We’d prefer a full-time commitment but we would be open to three days a week or more. And you should be able to work in London for at least two days a week with flexibility for more.

What might that someone look like? The first requirement is that you’ve got to be somewhere on our wavelength. We’re not a normal organisation, because we think the basic template of energy-sapping normal organisations is fundamentally broken.


The person we’re after is above all kind. They’ll also have developed a quiverful of skills, including:

  • Penetrating analysis: you need to be able to see our clients’ challenges in the round, and join the dots between their objectives, their capabilities and their culture.
  • Sharply honed facilitation skills: you can read a room and channel its energies to secure a successful outcome.
  • Well-polished charm: you can make friends with all sorts of people from hospital porters to medical knights.
  • Well-weighted presence: in person and on paper, you are perceived as a credible, reliable source of wisdom.
  • Well-targeted knowledge: you know what’s what in the health and healthcare world, and you can spot opportunities and identify issues even before our clients have.

Holders of this role have undertaken projects at Kaleidoscope such as:

  • leading an innovative strategy and cultural development process for the Stroke Association
  • supporting a working group of some of the most senior figures in the medical profession to rethink the medical model of care
  • leading the design and delivery of a new engagement strategy for a major pharma company
  • developing policy on student mental health services for Universities UK
  • leading quality and innovation in an area of Kaleidoscope’s professional practice.

But I’m afraid if you’re not kind, well, we might as well part company now. And if you’re after a cosy job that doesn’t overly challenge you, we’re not the right place.


As individuals working for Kaleidoscope our pay is decided through a mix of individual decision and whole organisation discussion.

When you join, we’ll make you an offer in the range of £45,000-65,000 based on your skills and experience. After six months, we ask you – as with other Kaleidoscopians – to ‘own’ your salary decision: seeking advice from others, and within an advisory range, but making the final decision as to your salary yourself.


We would prefer you to work full-time, but we’re very open to part time options on a 4+ days a week basis. We’re based in south east London – we don’t mind where you are, as long as you’re able to be with us in person 3+ days a week.

Be aware that not everything at Kaleidoscope Health and Care is a fairytale. We’re a start-up organisation trying to do things very differently. We have no right to exist, no genie propping us up with sacks full of gold, nor anyone to bail us out when times get tough. This means tolerance of ambiguity, and an ability to adapt and learn quickly, are key. If you’re after a cosy job that doesn’t overly challenge you, we’re probably not the right place.

How to apply

To apply, write a 500-word blog about the conversations that are not currently happening in the world of health and social care, and how you see yourself helping them to happen as part of Kaleidoscope.

Email it, along with a copy of your CV, to by 4pm 15 August.

Still have questions? How couldn’t you. Do contact us if you have specific queries we can help with.

Thanks very much – we hope to hear from you.